Design Studio

Paisley Park Inc. is a full service interior design studio dedicated to finding and implementing creative and responsible solutions for each client and project. We work hand in hand with our clients to create a uniform vision complete with extraordinary attention to detail and an unsurpassed level of professional service. We approach design as an integration of buildings with their surroundings to create clearly defined and harmonious indoor and outdoor spaces.


We develop and design solutions through careful analysis of space and functional considerations that are responsive to the requirements and aspirations of our clients; within realistic constraints imposed by schedule and budget. Our residential work includes numerous renovations, additions, condos and new construction. Paisley Park Inc. is recognized for providing unique and sustainable summer homes and we work with residential developers to bring a personal and creative style to every multi-residential project.


Paisley Park Inc.'s reputation for excellence is based on outstanding service and quality. Each project involves unique challenges and we receive the highest accolades from clients, consultants and contractors in our approach to problem solving. We provide clients with leadership during the design process through to occupancy and our comprehensive design direction combines timeless aesthetic principles with their contemporary needs. Each client is regarded as a valuable collaborator, working closely with our energetic and diverse staff. We respond to their requirements and needs for strict budget controls by providing complete well documented information allowing them to make educated decisions about design, schedule and budget. Our corporate clients stem from a diverse market spectrum of real estate development, professional and personal services, and aviation.

Value +

Paisley Park Inc. offers a complete range of professional interior design services including programming, space plan analysis, conceptual design, space planning, design development, construction documentation and specifications, construction tendering and construction administration. We work in conjunction with Architects and Engineers to offer our clients integrated design services while maintaining a uniform vision for each building project. Our extensive portfolio includes residential, corporate, retail, hospitality, industrial and landscape clientele in Canada and throughout the United States.


In an attempt to ensure the needs of future generations are not compromised, Paisley Park Inc. is committed to providing sustainable design solutions and initiatives to each new project that will significantly reduce or eliminate the impact of buildings on the environment and occupants, promoting heath, safety and peace of mind for our families. Sustainable design principles guide our projects from inception through all project phases, resulting in facilities and space that inspire, improve personal health, conserve energy and are environmentally friendly.

Workplace Partnership

To support our clients market needs, Paisley Park Inc. has partnered with many corporate offices to provide strategic organizational solution services including digital inventory surveys, internal office change management solutions, furniture, fixture and equipment systems and specifications, relocation feasibility assessments, and move management planning and implementation. We work on an on going basis with our workplace partners maintaining strategic design solutions in a constantly changing global economy. This value plus service enhances our client's own business performance allowing them to succeed in today's market.


Construction Management - Construction Services

Paisley Park Inc. Developments focuses on the implementation of the design objective while maintaining project quality, schedule and budget. We take pride in our innovative design solutions but throughout the project construction phase clients are at their greatest risk for incurring increased costs, time delays, design alterations and poor quality. We offer our clients an option. We have management and construction team leaders who develop and implement strategic solutions that achieve the expectations of our clients. Our construction management team is responsible for overseeing each phase of the construction, coordination of material, subcontractors and initiating status tracking and reporting systems to ensure project completion without sacrifice to design or quality.

What is ARIDO?

The Association of Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO) is the professional association representing Interior Designers in Ontario. Only qualified members of ARIDO are entitled to use the designation ARIDO or the title Interior Designer. ARIDO ensures that Interior Designers are highly trained through a rigorous process of education, experience and examination. Interior Designers are required to comply with the Ontario government's qualification and registration requirements under the Building Code, carry liability insurance, participate in ongoing professional development and uphold a professional code of ethics and standards of practice.

Hiring an Interior Designer? Make sure they are a qualified professional and a registered member of ARIDO.

When renovating, relocating, evaluating, or establishing a new site, working with an Interior Designer is one of the best investments you can make. Interior Designers can help you realize your goals in the space you are creating and make the interior environment attractive, profitable and practical. They also ensure that the design complies with all regulatory and legal requirements and that the life, health, safety and welfare of the occupants are protected. Interior Designers have unique training in designing interior environments. They are skilled and experienced at providing a full scope of services to complete your project on time and on budget. With fees making up a very small portion of the overall real estate/construction costs, hiring a qualified interior designer is a small but wise investment in the successful outcome of your project. An interior designer adds value to your organization, keeps project costs down and minimizes your risk.